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About Hexgrip

I am Bit Connor and I have been passionate about Haskell for many years. I think the language offers a fresh perspective to programming that distinguishes it from other popular languages. Haskell is a niche programming language, but slowly it is growing in popularity as more developers and companies realize the benefits of statically typed, pure functional programming.

Unfortunately, for a long time there has been no good development environment (IDE) for Haskell programmers. This is a shame because Haskell is a statically typed language, and so the compiler has wealth of information available to it about the program that could be made available through an IDE. The potential for a high quality IDE experience for Haskell is huge.

Recently, there have been significant improvements in Haskell tooling thanks to efforts such as haskell-language-server. These efforts show great promise and show what can be possible with proper tooling. With Hexgrip, I am taking an alternative approach, building a commercial IDE from scratch that is designed from the ground up around Haskell's unique strengths and functional coding style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haskell?

Haskell is a general purpose, functional programming computer language.

You can find more information and learn more at haskell.org

Here is a Mega List of Haskell Resources

What compiler and versions of Haskell are supported?

Hexgrip is currently powered by GHC 8.10 and cabal, and works with projects compatible with these versions

What other Haskell IDEs exist?

Here are some other great Haskell IDEs:

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